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ALPI and IGE+XAO - The partnership is built around 3 areas: sales, technical and marketing

At the sales level, both publishers will jointly promote their products. As far as technical aspects, a gateway will allow calculation data to be passed from Caneco BT to SEE Electrical/Expert. Both companies also wish to explore cooperation possibilities between their multi-manufacturer catalogues. Hence, on the marketing side, ALPI and IGE+XAO plan common marketing actions.

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ALPI and Autodesk - Partnership to provide BIM Solutions for Electrical Trades

With this collaboration, Autodesk and ALPI offer a solution that better satisfies the needs of designers, contractors and operators of electrical installations throughout the building lifecycle. In particular, this combined offering helps support Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows for electrical professionals.
The combination of these products extends the modelling capabilities in Revit, providing a link to the comprehensive Caneco BT solution for low voltage electrical systems design. The use of these two applications together increases user productivity and leads to a more efficient design process.

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