ETAP Launches New Subscription Bundles

ETAP Launches New Subscription Bundles

Irvine, California | June 15, 2023

ETAP, a global leader in software solutions for electrical systems and digital twin, announces the launch of new subscription-based bundles for the Caneco and SEE product ranges.

The launch of this new subscription offer follows the announcement in April 2023 of ETAP joining forces with :

  • IGE+XAO, a leading electrical engineering software company with its SEE offer portfolio for the creation, maintenance, and calculation of electrical installation projects,
  • ALPI, a European leader in the automated calculation, sizing, and design software for electrical installations with the Caneco software range,
  • BIM Electric, a subsidiary of Schneider Electric enabling electrical engineers and designers with an advanced BIM-based electrical design solution, Advanced Electrical Design™ to Autodesk® Revit®.

The way businesses and organizations consume software in the electrical design, engineering and operations is increasingly moving towards subscription rather than perpetual licensing. Our customers have expressed their preference for a subscription-based model, and their expectations are to gain flexibility and business agility, while minimizing up-front investment with a preference for operating over capital expenditure. Driven by excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, ETAP embraces subscription as a natural evolution, serving the market demand, and an agile model to support our customers’ success in an ever-changing world.

New Bundles Available on Subscription

The launch of the new subscription bundles is supported by a simplification of our offering to serve specific customer needs. Therefore, we now offer new product bundles, to provide simpler, more intuitive, and scalable purchasing options to our customers. Those new bundles are available for:

  • Caneco, as part of the electrical design software product line. Caneco enables electrical contractors and electrical specifiers to efficiently design and complete calculations in their regional electrical standards.
  • SEE Electrical, as part of the electrical engineering software product line. SEE Electrical enables electrical designers to easily create electrical schematics and panel layouts.
  • SEE Electrical Expert, as part of the engineering software product line. SEE Electrical Expert enabling electrical professionals to design and maintain complex electrical schematics. ​

By embarking on the journey to subscription, our customers will benefit from:

  • Increased value, getting the ‘best value for money’: lower upfront cost, long term pricing optimization adjusting more nimbly and at less cost to shifting business environments,
  • Increased flexibility & scalability to match changing business needs at any time,
  • Faster innovation cycles to always lead the pack, as a shared commitment to success, including cloud deployment options,
  • Top notch technical support for efficiency and simplicity, with expert support team to provide help and guidance whenever needed,
  • Simplified customer experience with easier logistics and an increased flexibility in cost management.

ETAP teams are connecting with existing customers to provide more details on subscription and new product bundles, closely working with them to transition to the model in the easiest way possible.

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About ETAP

ETAP provides market-leading software solutions for electrical systems, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance. Through its integrated electrical digital twin platform, ETAP delivers best-in-class, seamless customer experience and cloud-leveraging technologies ensuring universal accessibility for designers, engineers, and operators accelerating their digital energy transformation, even in the highest regulated environments.

Over 20,000 enterprises globally rely on ETAP to unlock total efficiency and sustainability at all stages of the lifecycle for buildings, industries, infrastructure and utilities. Driven by excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction for over 35 years, ETAP’s deep expertise is supported by the dedication of more than 1,000 employees and a strong community of active users. ETAP is headquartered in Irvine, California, with regional operations around the globe to support our local customers. www.etap.com

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