Caneco BT Versions


 : Included in the version
 : Optional pack

 Description of Caneco BT versions
1 : PRO
  1 2
 Operating Configuration    

 Available in Stand Alone, Mono-site and Multi-site Network licence
 Available in limited version: (*)
630 Amps maximum, 20 Boards/200 circuits per projects, Earthing system limited to TT & TN

 Cables and protections calculation according to country’s standard
 Short Circuits current and Default current calculation (Ik Min, Ik Max, If, IB)
 Drop Voltage calculation (Upstream, Downstream, Total)
 Protective devices setting calculation (Magnetic, Thermal and Differential)
 Simultaneous calculation on Normal and generator supplies
 Caneco Box : HV/LV cables calculation, Motors and Lighting Consumption, Cos Phi rectification  
 Power requirement calculation (taking into account Cos Phi, simultaneous and using factors)  
 Phases balancing and displaying on board single line diagram  
 Cable trays width calculation, space optimization, isometric diagram  
 Cost calculations of electrical connection (cables, cable trays, labour cost)  

 Latest multi-manufacturers protective devices and cables database according to the country (ABB, Eaton, Hager, Legrand, Schneider, Siemens, etc.)
 Obsolete manufacturers database (ei. France: 1990 - 2011)
 Circuits and symbols library
 Extension to all kind of devices (Busbar trunking systems, LV/LV Transformers and Capacitor)
 Creation of users’ database (manufacturers, characteristics…)  
 Discrimination / Backup    

 Discrimination tables or curves according to manufacturers’ data (Magnetic, Thermal, Residual, Chronometric)
 Backup tables according to manufacturers’ data
 Time / Current graph by curves overlapping
 Cables/protections Coordination graph

 Calculation engine settings (ambient T° of protections, Min and Max cross section…)
 Preferences settings (Default values modification of circuits, cables, protections...)

 Network chart
 Technical folder by Default (Folios list, Calculation notes, Bill of cables and protections…)
 Board single-line diagram
 Network single-line diagram  

* The 630A limited version cannot support International, Marine or DC Packs, and neither is available for Multi-site network licences.



 Additional packs
  1 2

Creation of new printing templates
+ Creation and configuration of printing folders
+ Configuration and management of external files (Files importation: doc, xls, dwg, pdf…)
+ Creation and modification of circuits styles
+ Creation and modification of new symbols
 Import / Export    
Text Files (xls, csv, html, xml, ASCII)
+ Drawing Files (dxf, wmf, emf)
+ Customization of fields to import or export
+ Data modification of Caneco BT from an Excel file
 International (1)    

 Extension to the 17 main standards:
International IEC 60364 , European HD384 , French NFC 15-100, British BS7671, German VDE, Italian CEI 64-8, Spanish REBT & UNE 20460, Austrian ÖNORM, Belgian RGIE/AREI, Swiss NIBT-NIN, Portuguese NP, Dutch NEN1010, Czech CSN, Swedish SS 4364000, Norvegian NEK 400, Brasilian NBR-5410 and Australian AS/NZ 3008.
Multilingual printing: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Flemish, Portuguese and Catalan
Ability to create new printing languages by the user
 Marine (1)    

Calculation according to International marine Standards IEC 60092
+ Specific database of protective devices (ABB, Schneider)
 DC (1)    

Direct current calculation according to C15-100:2002 and IEC 364 DC 2001 standards
+ Specific database of protective devices (Siemens, Schneider)

(1) The 630A limited version cannot support International, Marine or DC Packs, and neither is available for Multi-site network licences.