Caneco Implantation

Caneco Implantation is an AutoCAD® plugin that enables the implantation of electrical material in 2D or 3D, as well as automated cable routing.

What's new in Caneco Implementation 2022

Caneco IMP 2022

New user interface for automated synoptics

The synoptic creator is now accessible with the new dedicated pallet and its dynamic ribbon. This allows you to accelerate the realization of your synoptics both in high currents and in low currents.

The pallet anchored or floating in your workspace makes it easy to create and modify synoptics.

AutoCAD OEM engine update to 2022 release

Compatibility with AutoCAD® 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Updating EP Mode Implantation

Synoptic preview

Introduction of a preview system to validate your placement and label content options for example.


Creation of different synoptics in the same project. Each synoptic can be modified independently with its own display and circuit specifications.

Automated circuit creation

From a project where objects are placed in the graphic space, it is possible to automatically create circuits in bulk through a CSV file. You will be able to wire the objects between them, feed them by a distribution and assign the cables to a path.

Key Features :

➜ Implantation of electrical equipment

 Caneco Implantation integrates a Low Voltage (LV) and Extra Low Voltage (ELV) object library that comprises distribution boards and cabinets, lighting features, specific and general purpose sockets outlets, cable trays, etc.
 Caneco Implantation enables you to customize electrical equipment in the library and to add also symbols created in AutoCAD®.
 Caneco Implantation allows you to import lighting features installed in Dialux® after the illumination calculations have been completed.

➜ Sizing and calculations

 Caneco Implantation exports the created circuits to Caneco BT, which in turn calculates the cross-section of cables and also the protective devices.
The results are then re-imported into Caneco Implantation.
 Caneco Implantation then optimizes the cable trays on the installation plan according to the previous calculations.

➜ Cable management

 Caneco Implantation enables the optimization of cable routing via junction boxes and cable trays.
 It configures the cable selection rules for the trays.
 It automatically produces cross-sectional views of your cable trays.

➜ Publication of project documentation

 Caneco Implantation enables you to edit all the documents of the project, i.e. nomenclatures for cables, terminal devices and cable trays, cable lists, cable schedules as well as lists of cable trays along with their cross section views.
 Caneco Implantation automatically generates the cabling synoptic for LV and ELV installations.


➜ Optimized work:

 Generic, ready-to-use electrical library ;
 Unique data entry ;
 Data security ;
 Integrity of the results ;
 Improved design quality ;
 Automated document production ;
 Integrated design results.

Caneco Implantation in video

General presentation of Caneco Implantation

➜ A comprehensive program: 

 Compatible with AutoCAD® and AutoCAD® MEP platforms.

➜ Compliance with standards: 

The cables and protective devices are calculated in accordance with the applicable standards, thanks to the interface with Caneco BT.