Caneco BT

Caneco BT is a software for automated calculations, sizing, and diagrams of low voltage electrical installations.

What's new in Caneco BT 2022

Caneco BT 2022

Calculation of cable power losses and simulation of the technical/economic impact on the sizing

Power losses in conductors can account for a significant portion of the energy that passes through a low-voltage network.

With this new feature in Caneco BT 2022 :

  • Simply estimate the Joule losses in your installation and their cost ;
  • Identify cables with significant losses ;
  • Assess the impact of an increase in the section on these losses ;
  • Optimize the energy efficiency of your low-voltage installation.

Adding EVSE manufacturer files (terminals/chargers) (Legrand, Schneider Electric)

Select the model of the EVSE terminal in one of the manufacturer bases offered by Alpi. And automatically determine your protection according to the rules of IEC 60364-7-722.

Addition of new "color" themes offering the distinctive display of selectivity results

This display theme allows you to quickly identify on the general single-line or on the single-line table the circuits for which the selectivity is not total. You can then make the changes you think you need.

Export of a Caneco BT project (nomenclature) to the Rexel® merchant site

After configuring your materials in Caneco Armoire, thanks to the "Order" button in the "Table" tab of the pallet, Caneco BT creates a bill of materials that is sent to your basket on the Rexel® website. This makes it possible to order the cabinet materials quickly without re-entry.

Export of a Caneco BT project to other software solutions

Export your Caneco BT project to EPB Rapsody™; Hagercad™; SEE Electrical™; XLPro³ ™.

Updating standards for the following countries
The following standards have been updated:

  • IEC64-8 2021 (Italy) ;
  • NEK400 2018 (Norway) ;
  • NEN1010 2021 (Netherlands) ;
  • ÖNORM 2021 (Austria) ;
  • SS4364000 2017 (Sweden) ;
  • VDE 2021 (Germany).

Caneco BT new features:
Power losses calculation

Caneco BT new features:
EVSE charging station in the digital mode

Key features:

➜ Calculations and sizing 

 Caneco BT performs all the calculations (Ik, du, If, ...) in compliance with the applicable standards and the electrical constraints of your installation ;
 It also determines the most economical equipment to protect the installation and the individuals.

➜ Discrimination and backup

 Caneco BT provides a diagnosis based on tripping curves, calculation and manufacturer tables ;
 It takes into account the currents, as well as the chronometrical and differential aspects to ensure discrimination that can also be reinforced by coordination.

➜ Automated diagrams

 Caneco BT automatically produces the diagrams of the electrical installation based on 3 dynamic data entry interfaces: network single-line diagram, board single-line diagram and spreadsheet.

➜ Effective data exchange

 Caneco BT allows data import/export from an Excel file ;
 The electrical data recovered from Revit®, is used for the automated production of the diagrams and the integration of the circuit data into Caneco BT ;
 Caneco BT converts the diagrams and the technical documentation of the project into a dxf file (an AutoCAD® file).


➜ Quality and compliance: 

Caneco BT avoids time-consuming multiple entries and so reduces the risk of errors.
It also integrates 17 international standards into its calculation engine, along with the maritime and direct current standards.

➜ Time saving: 

Caneco BT reduces the length of the design phases thanks to the simplified data entry and the automated production of documentation.

➜ Cost reduction: 

The calculation engine automatically performs the most economical sizing in compliance with the applicable standards.

➜ Tailored to global markets: 

Caneco BT allows international projects to be designed thanks to the manufacturer material catalogues that are tailored to each country and to the multi-standard, multi-language options (7 languages), including the printing of documents.

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