Caneco HT 2021

Caneco HT enables the design and verification of private medium and high voltage electrical installations in compliance with applicable standards.

Product Sheet

New release Caneco HT 2021

Caneco HT

Automatic generation of protection plans and selectivity analysis

Caneco HT 2021 integrates new features to perform coordination and selectivity analysis of protective devices:

  • Automatic detection of protection zones according to the devices installed in the project: circuit breakers, fuses, cables, transformers, motors, etc.
  • Pre-setting of phase current 50/51 and homopolar 50N/51N Max relays according to operating currents, short circuit currents and earth fault currents.
  • Display of Time-Current Curves (TCC) of the devices in the protection zone: tripping curves for relays, fuses, transformer interlock, short circuit, motor starting, cables thermal stress, etc.
  • Optimization of the settings on the diagram.
  • Virtual animation of threshold settings.
  • Interactive curve editor which enables automatic update of cables thermal stress.

➜ Calculations and sizing of electrical equipment

Caneco HT performs calculations of admissible currents
Caneco HT enables the calculation of Peak short-circuit currents (effective value and peak value) and minimum short-circuit currents (between phases and earth fault), homopolar and capacitive currents
Caneco HT calculates voltage drops anywhere in the installation, depending on the impact of loads on the electrical grid
It also enables you to size and verify cable cross-sections

➜ Convenient for simple and complex network architectures

With Caneco HT, you can determine the operating configurations of the installation, whether they are displayed in a hierarchical or a loop network.
Calculations take into account the worst-case conditions, in order to ensure compliance of the network with applicable standards.

➜ Automatic production of documents

Caneco HT produces calculation files and documents with all the equipment specifications to comply with the main standards: calculation notes, network single-line diagrams, protection settings lists, selectivity curves, etc.


➜ Quality and compliance: 
Caneco HT performs electrical sizing in compliance with national and international applicable standards: IEC 60909, CEI 60502-2, NFC 13-200, VDE 276 and IEC 61363 (for the design of marine and offshore electrical networks).

➜ Time saving: 
Caneco HT automatically produces network single-line diagrams and calculation notes, thus reducing multiple data entry and risk of errors

➜ Tailored to global markets: 
Caneco HT allows the design of international projects thanks to its multi-standard and multi-language options.


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Caneco TCC

Software for the study and control of selectivity determined by time-current curves