Caneco Implantation

Automatic implementation and wiring in 2D and 3D of electrical equipment in accordance with architects’ plans.

Caneco Implantation is a new generation Autodesk® application for the implementation of electrical equipment and automatic wiring 2D or 3D.

Designed for all types of electrical installation (dwellings, commercial sector, industrial installations), Caneco Implantation can be used independently or in combination with Caneco BT for calculations and single-line diagrams.

The strong- and weak-current equipment is implemented and wired in accordance with architects’ plans and you immediately obtain the complete bills of quantities and the parts lists of the equipment.

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Automatic Wiring

You place your electrical receivers directly on the architect’s plan in DWG format. Caneco Implantation does the wiring automatically, using junction boxes, octopus cables and cable trays. You obtain the complete bills of quantities, the drawings and labels, the legend and the parts lists.

Interconnection of Implementation and Dimensioning

You easily export Caneco Implantation data into Caneco BT-type electrical dimensioning software. All the calculation results (cable cross-sections, etc.) are directly integrated into the Caneco Implantation plan.

Quality of the working documents guaranteed

Caneco Implantation produces all the documents required for the design, production, verification and maintenance of the installation.

Avoid the risk of errors and save time!

Entry in the architect’s plan and the two-way link between the implementation plan and the Caneco BT calculation software avoid the risk of entry duplication or version discrepancy. This gives you a study time saving of up to 50%.

Improve your installation check

With its detailed circuit management, Caneco Implantation gives you a more complete view of your installation, so you can readily detect risks of entry duplication, any inconsistencies and, on the MEP drawings, possible conflicts (HVAC, plumbing, structures, electrics).

Optimise your working methods

The integrated project manager enables you to optimise coordination of the different work sections.

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