OfficeElec in Detail

The tool for effective exchanges between design offices and panel builders

Some 500,000 catalogue products!

Office ELEC enables to choose from an integral electronic catalogue listing 100 manufacturers. It’s regularly updated for customers under maintenance contract. You can also add in your own prices..

Choose your electrical equipment easily

The ALPI Technical Equipment Configurator guides you in your choice of switchgear, auxiliary equipment, accessories and conduits. Presented systematically, the Configurator incorporates catalogues from ABB, Legrand, Schneider, Siemens, Socomec, Nexans, Cablofil, CES, Gewiss, Delta Dore, and many others.

Cost your Caneco BT or Caneco Implantation study automatically

With the optional OE8 module, Office ELEC imports your Caneco BT project, determines the necessary equipment and automatically costs the study.
Connected with Caneco Implantation, it also costs the receivers, junction boxes and wiring layouts in the project.

Automated design of the distribution cabinets

Office ELEC determines automatically:

  • the enclosures, mounting plates and accessories required to mount the equipment, according to configurable rules.
  • The casings and lateral ducts are selected according to the enclosures and the reserve requirements. You can include casings of different sizes for the same cabinet.
  • The horizontal and vertical bars and their supports.

Personalisation of front panel of the cabinet

  • You can move the enclosures or devices by simple drag and drop.
  • Input of reserves, row breaks and additional enclosures.
  • You can copy-paste an object with or without its contents (casing, enclosure, device).
  • You can insert user drawings, drawings accompanying a priced item, simple shapes (box with text, circle).

Item management

  • Parts lists of equipment comprising one or more components using the configurator and the multi-manufacturer price list.
  • You can add off-catalogue items or input your own price base and your discounts by manufacturer, update and publish your price base within your company.

Estimates, orders and invoicing

  • Using the parts lists of the components, Office ELEC enables you to easily cost the parts according to their discount family, manage installation times and the selling coefficient in regard to supply and labour.
  • After validation of the orders, the equipment and its components are locked.
  • With one click, the customer invoices can be issued. Partial invoicing is also possible.

Print all the items in the project

With a single click, Office ELEC enables you to edit:

  • A complete technical folder for sending to the design department with its cover page, a list of folios and a costed and detailed list of the items.
  • All the estimates, orders, invoices and works reports.



ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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