Caneco TCC in Detail

Set your protection relays effectively through your selectivity study by graphs

Caneco TCC meets the need for a protection plan study at several levels, whether high voltage or low voltage, and checks selectivity.

Caneco TCC Functionalities

  • Design of the protection plan with the settings schedule.
  • Definition of the logical selectivity requirements.
  • Generation of a summary report on an installation’s power supply quality and reliability and display of all the possible cases of operation, in particular a study of the link between the generator and the distributor network.
  • Export of all the settings to a Caneco BT or Caneco HT plan.

Check the reliability of your HV and LV electrical installation.

Caneco TCC enables you to check the quality of installation’s power supply or export of the power to the network:

  • Matching of the settings of the protective devices to the right selectivity in two network working configurations: maximum on the distributor network and minimum on the independent source.
  • Checking the maximum stresses on the components (cables, receivers, coil at a neutral point).
  • Control of the risk of tripping on the start-up of several motors or the activation of an HVB/HVA, HVA/LV transformer.
  • Choice of a logical selectivity if a satisfactory selectivity  is impossible to obtain.

Define the conformity of the protective devices when networks are being renovated.

  • Manually plot the protection curves of the old components.
  • Simulate other protective functions not described in the TCC database (e.g. fuse curves, rotor locking, motor start-up, etc.).
  • Superimpose and set the curves of the new protective devices.

Produce a complete study folder.

  • Printouts with cover page, automatic list of folios.
  • Graphic selectivity curves.
  • Setting results for the protective devices.
  • The graphs may be annotated, the labels moved, and the time and current values displayed.

ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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