Caneco TCC

Software for the Study and Control of Selectivity by Curves

Caneco TCC (Time-Current Curve) is used to study the selectivity of an installation by superimposing the time-current curves of the equipment in an installation.

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Selectivity guaranteed in three times

  1. Represent all the curves using the integral database.
  2. Tweak the settings by superimposing the time-current curves.
  3. Print the settings pages or export the data to calculation software for implementation.

Optimising the settings

By superimposing the curves of the different components of the installation, you can determine the best settings of the protective devices so as to ensure selectivity.

Guaranteed continuity of power supply

Caneco TCC provides a precise diagnosis of the continuity of power supply in the installation by studying the selectivity of the protection plan.

Protection against thermal effects

Caneco TCC adjusts the protection relays to check that they effectively protect the components against thermal effects: overloads and short circuits, and coordinate them.

Integral and customisable database

Using a wide database of manufacturer data (transformers, cables, fuses, relays, switchgear, etc.), Caneco TCC superimposes on a time-current graph the trip curves of the upstream and downstream protective devices, the thermal stress curves of the cables and activation of the transformers.
You can personalise the database at any time and add other protective devices.

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