Caneco Implantation in details

Reduce study time by up to 50% and gain in quality!

 An intelligent implantation diagram

➜ Implement your electrical equipment on the architect’s plan in DWG format.
➜ Enrich the AutoCAD® blocks with the electrical consumption, implementation and labelling properties.
➜ Assign them to circuits.

Caneco Implantation does the wiring automatically, using junction boxes, octopus cables and cable trays. You obtain the complete bills of quantities, the drawings and labels, the legend and the parts lists.


 Implementation, diagrams and calculations

Interfaced with Caneco BT, The Caneco Implantation implementation data are used to calculate current intensities, cable lengths and cross-sections (from the first receiver to the last one), and circuit consumption. This enables Caneco BT to:

➜ determine the protective devices and the cables;
➜ design the single-line diagrams of the panels and circuits described in the architect’s plan.

All the calculation results (cable cross-sections, etc.) are integrated directly into the Caneco Implantation plan.


 Simplified exchanges


➜ Caneco Implantation converts the AutoCAD® blocks into Caneco receivers.
➜ Enables you to use your symbols libraries created under AutoCAD®.
➜ Enables you to make illumination calculations in Dialux®.
➜ Supplies the information required for the electrical dimensioning.
➜ Integrates the results into the implementation plan.


 Quality of the working documents

Caneco Implantation produces all the documents required for the design, creation, verification and maintenance of the installation:

➜ Parts list of the switch and control gear and legends.
➜ Single-line distribution diagrams (with Caneco BT).
➜ Cable-drawing layout.
➜ General cable layout, by cable tray run or by pedestal.

Entry in the architect’s plan and the two-way link between the implementation plan and the Caneco BT calculation software avoid the risk of entry duplication or version discrepancy.
This gives you a study time saving of up to 50%.


 Rapid mastery of the software

Caneco Implantation works off an AutoCAD/AutoCAD MEP interface, enabling you to master it very quickly. You don’t even need to initiate another piece of software to go from the architect’s plan to electrical implementation!


 Working with or without an AutoCAD licence!

With the OEM module, an AutoCAD engine is incorporated in Caneco Implantation, so your software is self-contained and you don’t need to purchase a full version of AutoCAD.


ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Seven (32 or 64 bits)