Caneco HT in Detail

The Benchmark for High Voltage Installation Calculation Software

  • Graphic edition of single-line diagrams with display of the equipment, the data and the results.
  • Integrated library of properties of the electrical equipment: cables, alternators, transformers, asynchronous motors and fuses.
  • Dimensioning of the cables compliant with NF C 13-200 and IEC 60909, according to the admissible currents and the thermal stresses.
  • Short-circuit current (SCC) calculation by the impedance method (NF EN 60-909 and part 4 NFC 13-200), for meshed networks (matricial calculation): subtransient, transient, permanent, symmetrical two-phase and three-phase and peak short-circuit currents.
  • Calculation of voltage drops in the conduits and at the receiver terminals, at the load established and on start-up of the motors.
  • Calculation of fuse melting time according to the manufacturers’ curves.
  • Proposal for the setting thresholds of the protective devices.
  • Summary of the most disadvantageous cases of all the configurations.
  • Printing of a calculations folder containing the properties of the equipment, a description of the working configurations, an SCC calculation at all points of the configuration, verification of the normative conditions of the cables for all working configurations.
  • Printing of the complete diagram or in a chosen configuration, with labels of the SCC’s” calculated.
  • Up to 245 kV and 1000 nodes.

Guarantee of conformity with standards

All the calculations made by Caneco HT are compliant with standards IEC 60909 and NF C 13-200, and with UTE Practical Guide 13-205, all of which are taken as references for calculating private high voltage electrical installations.
This conformity was recognised by a UTE certificate (“Avis “Technique”) obtained by Caneco HT, held since 1993.

With its Marine Pack, Caneco HT meets the requirements of marine standard IEC 61363, as attested by the certificate of conformity awarded by Bureau Veritas in 2010.

An engineering service, at your service!

ALPI provides you with a high voltage engineering expert service which can give you every assistance with the use of the software (hotline) and even turnkey studies.

This software replaces ALPI Reseco HT software.


ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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