Caneco EP + Caneco EP-Implantation in Detail

Caneco EP-Implantation, the graphics input tool

Caneco EP-Implantation acts as an automatic link between the layout on the cadastral base map and calculation of the networks via Caneco EP. Caneco EP-Implantation is used to implement all the exterior lighting equipment (column, outgoing circuit, pole, inspection chamber, etc.) on to the Cadastral or other base map. Caneco EP-Implantation processes the diagrams automatically:

  • automatic calculation of the bills of quantities for the system;
  • automatic wiring;
  • routing of the trunking (overhead, buried, trench ducts);
  • automatic parts lists of the components;
  • transfer of the data to Caneco EP.

Caneco EP, the complete dimensioning tool

Caneco EP designs or checks the most complex exterior lighting systems: extended tree structures, irregularly distributed luminaires, systems with high voltage (HV-PL) outgoing circuits and mixed systems, cascade protective devices, etc. Caneco EP takes account of all the calculation criteria imposed by the standard: overload conditions, voltage drops, protection of persons from direct contact, short circuits. It also calculates power balance and phase balancing. Caneco EP does more than calculate voltage drops, it dimensions cable and upstream protection.

Production of statutory documents

For the control of electrical installations, the Order of 10 October 2000 requires that the documents justifying the choice of design, in particular the calculation sheets, be made available to the inspector. Caneco EP enables the provision of a complete technical folder compliant with these obligations and certifying its conformity with standard NF C 17-200.

Integration of multi-manufacturer databases

Caneco EP integrates database of the different manufacturers of cables, circuit-breakers and lights. These files can be modified or completed by the user.

Close attention paid to the particular features of PL systems

PL networks often have complex characteristics which complicate calculations: geographically very extensive and heterogeneous distribution of the receivers, tree structure of circuits  protected by the same device at the head of the circuit, the effects of time to ignition and phase balancing, the existence of mixed HV-PL systems and so on. Caneco EP is designed to dimension public lighting (PL) systems as economically as possible, having regard to any and all of these particular features.

System optimisation

Caneco EP determines the most economical switching solution for your lighting system (outgoing protective devices, decreasing cross-sections, distribution of lighting points, etc.) whilst offering the possibility of integrating the necessary margin of calculation for possible extensions to the system.


ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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