Caneco BT in details

Caneco BT, complete software ensuring productivity, convenience and safety of use.

 Exhaustive calculations

Caneco BT performs all calculations for:

➜ cable dimensioning
➜ dimensioning of breaking and protective devices
➜ power balance
➜ phase balancing
➜ energy selectivity
➜ differential selectivity
➜ selectivity by curves
➜ backup,
➜ limitation effect.

 Automatic Diagrams

Caneco BT automatically creates a general single-line diagram of the installation and the single-line diagrams for each panel.

 Safety and Economy Guaranteed

Caneco BT looks for the most economical solution, for both the switchgear and the cables, and complies with all the requirements of the electrical standards in force.

 Multi-manufacturer Software

Developed by ALPI, an independent society of manufacturers of electrical equipment and inspection bodies, Caneco BT searches its database of catalogues of the main manufacturers to find the most economical solution best suited to your installation. You can change manufacturers at any time for all or part of the installation.

Catalogue updates are free to our customers under maintenance contract.

 Software designed for International Use

Caneco BT is marketed in 7 interface languages (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Flemish and Portuguese). With the International pack, the design offices in charge of a project abroad can print the study documents in 9 languages and even create their own translation files!

The necessary calculations can be made in accordance with over 17 international standards (IEC 60364, HD384, BS7671, NF C15-100, VDE, REBT, CEI 64-8, RGIE-AREI, ÖNORM, NIN-BT, NP, NEN1010, NBR 5410, CSN, AS/NZ 3008, NEK 400 and SS 4364000) and the relevant marine standards (Marine pack).


 Simplified Data Exchanges

You can import your AutoCAD® implementation plans to enrich information with Caneco Implantation.

The calculation results can then be exported in xls format to Excel (import pack) and graphically in dxf format.


ALPI offers an annual maintenance contract on this software.

This includes assistance by phone or by email provide by electrical engineering specialists, downloads of manufacturer catalogue updates and downloads of software updates, notably in the case of developments in regard to standards.

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Windows NT, SP4, 2000, XP, Vista ou 7 (32 or 64 bits)