Caneco BIM

Caneco BIM is a Revit® plugin that allows electrical information to be exchanged between a digital model and the Caneco software range. It enriches a project by providing all the properties required to build an electrical installation.

What's new in Caneco BIM 2022

Caneco BIM 2022

Improved exchanges between Caneco BIM and Caneco BT

Support for multiple sources from Revit to Caneco BT.
Integration into Revit of the notion of Normal – Backup for sources and distributions and downstream powered circuits.

Automated creation of a synoptic of high and low currents

Automatically generate synoptics from Revit's electrical systems.

Caneco BIM allows you to obtain different synoptics such as:

  • Power synoptic with only distributions ;
  • Power synoptic with all or part of the high current circuits of your project ;
  • Synoptic of your low current installation, fire alarm, computer, etc …

Customize labels.

Customize symbols by replacing them with your own.

Compatibility with Revit® 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023

Production of new technical documents

Automated creation of a cable book and a cable pull book.

You will find in HTML or CSV format all the characteristics of the cables, such as their length, their path, their refmark and all their crossing points.

These technical documents can be used in your Excel spreadsheets or by using your own CSV file templates to change the format.

By combining the automated routing of the cables and their calculation, you have the possibility to edit a cable path cutting book to know at each section the exact content of the cables that pass through them such as the congestion of the cables, their layout, the circuits present...

Improved pathway cable tray's content

Now view the contents of a cable tray section: the circuits present, their technical data, their congestion.

Caneco BIM 2022 New features

Caneco BIM 2022 New features : EVSE

Key Features :

➜ A digital collaborative platform

 Caneco BIM performs the exchange of electrical data between Revit®, and the rest of the BIMelec solution ;
 It enables the import of the positioning and the references of lighting features from Dialux®.

➜ Sizing of an electrical installation

 Caneco BIM enriches the digital model with the results of calculations carried out in Caneco BT, such as cable cross-sections, protective devices and short-circuits ;
Model and calculate the busbar trunking systems ;
 It performs automated cable routing inside Revit® ;
 Calculate cable tray footprint rates ;
 Size cable trays.

➜ Complementary applications

 Additional tools will help you control and validate your electrical installation in your model ;
 Caneco BIM allows the import of the cable types, as they are described in Caneco BT, directly into Revit® ;
 It analyses the objects and groups of objects and adds electrical parameters such as voltage, apparent load, load class, etc ;
 Create your electrical circuits with advanced tools.

➜ Integrated electrical calculation boxes

 Caneco BIM calculates the consumption of motors and lighting ;
 Caneco BIM converts electro-technical units ;
 It also calculates the reactive power of condenser batteries.


➜ Multiple data entry operations avoided  

Caneco BIM allows you to work just as well in Revit® as in AutoCAD® thanks to its communication interfaces.

➜ Security and compliance 

Caneco BIM guarantees the compliance of your digital electrical model with the applicable standards, thanks to its interface with Caneco BT.

➜ Optimization of work

The numerous integrated utilities allow an optimized project.

➜ Time saving 

Caneco BIM allows the easy and rapid enrichment of electrical documentation in a project.

Caneco BIM in video