New Caneco BT, Caneco BIM and Caneco Implantation versions 2017 are available

The new Caneco 2017 releases are available !

Discover hereafter the latest features of Caneco BT, Caneco BIM and Caneco Implantation versions 2017.


Caneco BT 2017: software for automated design of low voltage electrical installations

➜ New load schedule integrating load types
➜ Improvement of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) integration 
➜ Printing of the power distribution synoptic diagram
➜ Update of the manufacturer catalogues
➜ Integration of the SS 436 400 (Sweden) and NEK 400 (Norway) standards
➜ Conformity with the new NFC 15-500 practical guide as well as the RGIE-ARIE and VDE standards.

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Caneco BIM 2017: Revit® application for the design and control of a digital electrical model

➜ New interface compatible with Revit® 2015/2016/2017/2018 versions
➜ New project explorer including circuit styles, busbars and cable length ratios
➜ New calculator allowing  unit conversions, the calculation of motor and lighting consumption, and the dimensioning of a capacitor bank.
➜ Customized display of the circuit data calculated in Caneco BT
➜ Checking of data integrity in Revit® before exporting to Caneco BT

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Caneco Implantation 2017 (R2): AutoCAD® application for automated cable routing of a digital electrical model

➜ New graphic interface compatible with AutoCAD® 2016/2017/2018 versions
➜ Open BIM platform enabling the export of a project in IFC format
➜ Automated edition of LV (Low Voltage) and ELV (Extra Low Voltage) single-line diagrams
➜ Automated production of cable lists, cable schedules, lists of cable trays along with their cross section views.
 Improved data transfer process and sizing with Caneco BT

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