Caneco ONE 2022 now available !

Caneco ONE 2022

Discover the main new features of the 2022 Caneco ONE software suite:

  • Calculation of cable power losses and simulation of the technical/economic impact on the sizing ;
  • Adding EVSE manufacturer files (terminals/chargers) (Legrand, Schneider Electric) ;
  • Export of a Caneco BT project (nomenclature) to the Rexel® merchant site (for French market only) ;
  • Export of a Caneco BT project to two new software solutions EPB Rapsody™ and Hagercad™ (for French market only) ;
  • Updated standards for the following countries: IEC64-8 2021 (Italy), NEK400 2018 (Norway), NEN1010 2021 (Netherlands), ÖNORM 2021 (Austria), SS4364000 2017 (Sweden), VDE 2021 (Germany) ;
  • Integration of wind turbines with asynchronous alternator ;
  • Integration of variable speed drives ;
  • Label integration for relays ;
  • Improved exchanges between Caneco BIM and Caneco BT with multiple sources ;
  • New pallet of automated synoptic creation in Caneco Implantation ;
  • Automated synoptic creation in High currents and low currents in Revit® ;
  • Optional AutoCAD OEM Engine Update with Caneco Implantation ;
  • Compatibility with 2023 versions of Revit® and AutoCAD® ;
  • ... and much more!