Caneco 2022 New features

Caneco BT 2022

Caneco BT, Europe's leading software for the automatic calculation, sizing and design of low-voltage electrical installations.

New Features

  • Calculation of cable power losses and simulation of the technical/economic impact on the sizing ;
  • Resumption of EVSE circuits, taking into account IEC 364-7-722 and ZE Ready™ reference ;
  • Adding EVSE manufacturer files (terminals/chargers) (Legrand, Schneider Electric) ;
  • Addition of new "color" themes offering the distinctive display of selectivity results ;
  • Export of a Caneco BT project (nomenclature) to the Rexel® merchant site ;
  • Export of a Caneco BT project to two new software solutions EPB Rapsody™ and Hagercad™ ;
  • Updated standards for the following countries: IEC64-8 2021 (Italy), NEK400 2018 (Norway), NEN1010 2021 (Netherlands), ÖNORM 2021 (Austria), SS4364000 2017 (Sweden), VDE 2021 (Germany).

Caneco BT 2022 New features
Power losses calculation

Caneco BT 2022 Features

Caneco HT 2022

Caneco HT, software for the design and verification of private medium and high voltage electrical installations.

New Features

  • Integration of wind turbines with asynchronous alternator ;
  • Integration of variable speed drives ;
  • Label integration for relays.

Caneco BIM 2022

Caneco BIM, a Revit® plugin allowing the exchange of electrical information between a digital model and the Caneco software suite.

New Features

  • Improved exchanges between Caneco BIM and Caneco BT with multiple sources ;
  • Automated synoptic creation in High currents and low currents in Revit ;
  • Compatibility with Revit® 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.

Caneco BIM 2022 New features

Caneco BIM 2022 New features : EVSE

Caneco IMP 2022

Caneco Implantation,  an AutoCAD® plugin that allows the implementation of electrical equipment in 2D or 3D and the automated routing of cables.

New Features

  • New pallet of automated synoptic creation in Caneco Implantation ;
  • Optional AutoCAD OEM Engine Update with Caneco Implantation ;
  • Compatibility with AutoCAD® 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023.