ALPI and Nexans announce their collaboration

Paris, 29 June 2021 – ALPI collaborates with Nexans in the context of a partnership which concerns the integration of NEOBUS cables in Caneco BT to enable the precise sizing of electrical networks for the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCIs).


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Nexans and ALPI announce their collaboration to design and build next generation electric vehicle charging infrastructures (EVCIs).

Paris, 29 June 2021 - ALPI, a software editor specialized in the design and construction of electrical installations, is joining forces with Nexans in the context of a partnership. As a result, Caneco BT, the software editor's flagship product and Europe’s leading calculation software, will integrate Nexans’ NEOBUS cables, enabling the precise sizing of electrical networks for the installation of charging stations.

This joint solution will meet the challenges of the energy transition and will facilitate the deployment of parking facilities for 100%-electric or hybrid vehicles, whose numbers are growing very rapidly. Between 2019 and 2020, the increase in electric or hybrid vehicle registrations increased by more than 180% over a period of just one year.

Once integrated into Caneco BT, Nexans' NEOBUS low-voltage solution, which consists of a system of cables and connectors, prefigures the buildings of the future, which will incorporate EVCIs at their hearts, making indoor car parks true energy hubs, carbon-free, sustainable and perfectly designed to support all forms of mobility.

Fully designed and manufactured in France in Jeumont and Donchery, this Nexans innovation provides ALPI with the ability to meet the challenges of French standards for electricity companies.

In effect, Caneco BT will facilitate the integration of NEOBUS cables for the calculation and sizing of electrical installations and will meet normative requirements (certified calculation notes, nomenclature of equipment used, electrical diagrams, wiring files, etc.). In addition, with the aim of generalising the practice of BIM (Building Information Modelling), the modelling of electric vehicle charging infrastructures will be integrated into the 3D digital model so that companies can benefit from it.

"The integration of our Neobus solution into Caneco BT is a real opportunity for our customers. This will simplify the integration of electric mobility in buildings, a major asset in meeting the challenges of the energy transition."
Jean Nicolaï, VP Nexans Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions comments

"By working with Nexans, ALPI is focusing on the challenges of the energy transition in the development strategy of its Caneco software. ALPI is thus demonstrating its desire to support its customers in the field of electric mobility to combat climate change."
Guillaume Horreard, Chief Operations Officer at ALPI

About Nexans

Nexans is a global player in energy transition. Our purpose: electrify the future. For over a century, Nexans has played a crucial role in the electrification of the planet. With around 25,000 people in 38 countries, the Group is leading the charge to the new world of electrification: safer, sustainable, renewable, decarbonized and accessible to everyone. In 2020, Nexans generated 5.7 billion euros in standard sales.
The Group designs solutions and services along the entire value chain in four main business areas: Building & Territories (including utilities and emobility), High Voltage & Projects (covering offshore wind farms, subsea interconnections, land high voltage), Industry & Solutions (including renewables, transportation with automotive, railway and aerospace, automation) and Telecom & Data (including terrestrial and submarine fiber optic networks, Local Area Network systems, data centers and mobile networks).
Corporate Social Responsibility is a guiding principle of Nexans’ business activities and internal practices. As a signatory of the Global Compact since 2008, Nexans is committed to contribute to a responsible global economy and strives to promote the ten principles defined by the UN to all its stakeholders.
The Group pledged to contribute to carbon neutrality by 2030 and was the first cable provider to create a Foundation supporting sustainable initiatives bringing access to energy to disadvantaged communities worldwide. Nexans’ commitment to developing ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables also drives its active involvement within leading industry associations, including Europacable, the NEMA, ICF and CIGRE. Nexans is listed on Euronext Paris, compartment A. For more information, please visit www.nexans.com

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