My project involves several floors. How do I go about the layout?

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Fonctionnement du logiciel


1. In Caneco BT, create the structure: a main low voltage switchboard feeding distribution boards DB1, DB2, etc.
2. In Caneco Implantation, in each DWG drawing corresponding to the board on the floor, import the Caneco BT project, selecting only the distribution board concerned. Implement and wire the Caneco objects.
3. In Caneco BT, import the mdb file of each DWG drawing completing the structure, downstream of the distribution board: import the circuits (PC, heating, lighting, etc.), cable lengths, consumption of the receivers and coefficients. Calculate the Caneco BT project in accordance with generally accepted practice.
4. In Caneco Implantation, update the cables from the Caneco BT project calculated (import of the cable cross-sections and dimensions).