ALPI software solutions protect hospitals’ electrical installations.





Caneco BT and Caneco Implantation software is used for construction/upgrade studies of large hospital complexes.
Caneco HT and Caneco TCC are also used to ensure the performance of the electrical equipment in standby mode and the selectivity of the installations:

- Roanne Hospital (Caneco Implantation/Caneco BT study performed by Cegelec)

- Georges Pompidou Hospital

- Bordeaux Teaching Hospital

- Limoges Teaching Hospital

- Rennes Teaching Hospital

- Angers Teaching Hospital

- Sainte Anne Hospital

- Saint Louis Hospital

- Sud Francilien Hospital (Caneco BT study performed by Forclum)

- Bocage Teaching Hospital, Dijon (Caneco Implantation study performed by SPIE)

- Amiens Hospital (Caneco Implantation study performed by CEESA)

- Montpellier Hospital

- Toulon Hospital

- Sud Réunion Hospital

- Sarreguemines Hospital