Commercial Sector Establishments

Commercial Sector Establishments

ALPI products are used in the design/renovation of numerous commercial sector establishments.




- Singapore Sports Hub:
35 hectare complex devoted to sports and leisure activities. This is the world’s largest public-private partnership (PPP) contract for a sports facility. The contract includes financing, designing and constructing a high-level sports venue and operating it for 25 years. Design power distribution operated by BYME Engineering, a subsidiary of Bouygues Construction, using Caneco BT and Caneco HT software.
- Disneyland Paris
- European Parliament, Strasbourg
- National Assembly Building
- Louvre Museum
- Prisons (Corbas, Béziers and Nancy)
- Stade de France Stadium
- Dimensioning of the cables and protective devices of the roof motors in Lille Stadium
- The Renault Technocentre, a 150 hectare research centre, uses Caneco BT and Caneco HT software.