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On April 6, 2023, ALPI announced joining forces with ETAP, establishing ETAP as world's leading electrical design and operations digital twin for infrastructure, building and industry.

As a result, ETAP expands its software portfolio to include the Caneco software suite.

This combined venture will provide innovative software solutions for electrical systems accross the lifecycle, from design and engineering to operations and maintenance, empowering users to increase productivity, collaboration, efficiency, and enabling their energy transition journey.

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Caneco ONE brings together a set of interconnected software that complement and interface with each other in order to design low and high voltage installations in a digital model (BIM), including infrastructure and public lighting networks.

Caneco ONE proposes the main functions of 2D/3D modeling, calculation and schematics in order to offer users all the tools they need to manage a complete project.

It also enables communication and collaborative work and ensures data integrity throughout the implementation of a BIM project.

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Caneco ONE is a comprehensive software suite which aims at meeting all the collaborators’ needs in electrical engineering to enable them to design, operate and test their installations.

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Plan without limits: One suite for all…

…all key players

Building owners, project managers, consultants, electrical contractors, control authorities and maintenance operators.

…all tasks

Calculations and sizing, circuit diagrams, BIM modeling, technical document publications, selection of electrical equipment from multi-manufacturer catalogues.

…all special requirements: High voltage calculation, total cascading selectivity analysis by time current curves (TCC).

…all projects

New and existing buildings, facilities, infrastructure, public lighting networks, industrial and commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, tunneling, shipping, power plants, airports.

For every kind of installations, in national and international environments, always in accordance with the country’s specific standard.

Main functionalities

Caneco ONE embraces a set of interconnected software organized into 3 categories:

BIM electrical modeling

Caneco ONE allows the design of an electrical installation in AutoCAD® and Revit® graphical platforms. It also enables automated cable routing and metering as well as cable tray sizing. It ensures an active exchange of electrical data between the digital model and our calculation and schematics software solutions.
In this way, you keep your favorite digital tool (Revit® or AutoCAD®) and communicate with other participants without any loss of information; whether they are equipped with either one or the other tools, or with an IFC platform.

BIM electrical with AutoCAD®BIM electrical with Revit®

Calculation and sizing

Caneco ONE includes several software packages to perform automated calculations, sizing and selection of LV/HV equipment. These calculations make use of complete manufacturers’ catalogues and are performed in compliance with the current applicable national and international standards. Caneco ONE also allows an automated design of single-line diagrams for high voltage installations, as well as a cabling synoptic for low voltage installations.

LV calculationMV and HV calculationSelectivity analysis with Time-Current CurvesPublic Lighting calculation


Caneco ONE integrates AutoCAD® OEM platform to enable you to create 2D/3D implantation plans, diagrams, cabling synoptic and to provide the complete documentation of the project.

AutoCAD® OEM engine

A suite which serves collaborative work

Caneco ONE ensures continuous data integration and sharing a principle between all project stakeholders inside and outside your company. Thanks to interconnected software, software boundaries disappear, and data integrity is guaranteed throughout the collaborative BIMelec process. Communication within the project becomes "boundless" in the best sense of the word. Teamwork and true collaboration become a reality.
You determine your projects, you determine your strategy and create new workflows to increase efficiency and optimize your installations.

+Benefits & Highlights at a Glance

  • You have access to all projects, areas of application and areas of responsibility,
  • You work in national and international environments,
  • All tools for digitization and BIM strategies are in your hands,
  • You improve the quality of your studies as well as the design, the implementation and operation of your project. The delivery dates of your installations are respected,
  • You save time and money, work together more efficiently in the project and thus increase the performance internally and externally - thanks to collaboration

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Software included in Caneco ONE

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Caneco BT

Software for automated design of low voltage electrical installations


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Caneco BIM

Revit® application for the design and control of a digital electrical model


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AutoCAD® application for automated cable routing of a digital electrical model


Logo Caneco HT

Caneco HT

Software for automated design of high voltage electrical networks


Logo Caneco TCC

Caneco TCC

Software for the study and control of selectivity determined by curves


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