News | 29/09/2011

Published in J3E (Journal of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) in April 2009, the interview with Michel Fanet (ALPI CEO) highlighted the fact that ALPI’s software suite clearly meets the different requirements of electrical diagramming:

  • Electrical layout on architect’s plan with Caneco Implantation
  • Calculations and single-line diagramming of power with Caneco BT and Caneco HT
  • Layout diagram of panel equipment with OfficeElec

Michel Fanet PDG ALPI

The beginning of the 80’s saw the appearance of the first electrical diagramming software. What needs did they meet at the time?

With the advent of microcomputers, a common idea spread throughout the design departments: why not replace the draftsman’s pencil by a computer to “automate” repetitive, tedious tasks?.

For our part, we brought an answer to the requirements of electrical distribution network calculations and dimensioning.

An approach materialised , in the 90’s, through the launch of Caneco software (economical wiring systems), which met the first basic need for single-line diagramming compliant with standard NF C 15-100. Today, 90% of the studies conducted in France over and above 630A are performed using Caneco BT.


Where is electrical diagramming today?

I’d prefer to talk about electrical diagramming in the plural. Because after programmed logic replaced relay logic, “functional intelligent” oriented diagramming software lost its usefulness for current installations. As a result, the market returned to the primary needs characterised by the following four segments:

  • diagramming as per architect’s plan, virtually exclusive to AutoCad, the world standard for computer assisted design;
  • single-line power diagramming;
  • diagramming of equipment layout in panels, done mainly by the software provided by the manufacturers;
  • functional diagramming, done by conventional electrical diagramming software.


What’s the position of the Caneco software suite today in the electrical diagramming markets?

With its Caneco range, ALPI is active in the three following markets:

  • electrical implantation as per architect’s plan:  Caneco Implantation;
  • single-line power diagramming: Caneco BT and Caneco HT;
  • diagramming of equipment layout in panels: Office Elec.

It wasn’t easy. For example, Caneco Implantation, marketed since 2004 has only recently been recognised on the market. A further proof of recognition: we are the French partner of Autodesk.


Today, the LV department of ABB France is launching the distribution of OfficeElec dedicated software.
What strategy are you deploying with this product?

Office Elec is autonomous software complementary to Caneco BT, for the automated costing and design of prefabricated distribution cabinets. Version 2, multi-manufacturer, determines and costs casings, enclosures, mounting plates and other accessories required for the installation of electrical equipment.


From an interview given to the J3E Journal in April 2009